Grading Guidelines

It has become very clear that a lot of parents and players are asking for a guideline to our selection process and the player performance criteria we are looking for.

The qualities for which selectors would be looking for with attacking players are that they should be able to demonstrate fast, accurate footwork and passing, space awareness and creativity to score goals. The defence should show concentrated marking, interception abilities and good awareness of the attacking players so as to shut down the attacker’s space.

We also look at specific vital skill development with basic on court performance of outside landing, pivoting, passing ability and choice, spacial awareness, speed and agility. All of which evolve with age and ability, specifically within our junior divisions.

At the Senior level it is even harder as we also work on player cohesiveness, player availability, work/school commitments etc, State League selections and State team selections. The social influence of players is also quite demanding as they hit the final years of high school and transition into uni/work/family scenarios. All of the above are taken into account when forming teams of athletes.

Grading is not an easy task and when you are out there trying to decipher between multiple players of similar ability and you are taking in all of the criteria to find the best fit. Most times we get it right but there are obviously times where players perform like netball diamonds on the grading day yet perform poorly in the regular season and the opposite occurs where a player may perform badly in grading but plays like a netball goddess in the regular season. This is another reason why we take into account the coaches post season player analysis documentation plus we try our hardest to have individual selectors courtside with our experienced club selectors. It offers the ability to have ‘fresh eyes’ on each and every player every year. 

We hope that this guideline enables you to have a better understanding of what we are looking for at grading. If you have any questions, please contact us through our email:

Individual Movement Skills; 

· Good footwork and change of direction 

· Acceleration and deceleration 

· High work rate 

· Balance and control without the ball 

· Balance and control with the ball 

· Speed, agility, endurance and elevation 

· Body type, athletic ability, body control and coordination Ball Skills; 

· Good basic ball handling skills under pressure 

· Good pass selection options under pressure

· Selection of ball delivery finesse and touch 

· Accuracy of pass 

· Catching ability-two hands/one hand

Attacking Skills; 

· Ability to make appropriate decisions 

· Effective use of space 

· Timing 

· Vision 

Defending Skills; 

· Good one on one defending 

· Defence of the pass Strategies; 

· Recognises and adapts to attacking/defensive strategy changes by the opposition

 Netball Knowledge; 

· Court craft-ability to read the game 

· Flair and creativity 

· Ability to combine

· Involvement in the game 

· Knowledge of the rules and adjusts to umpiring decisions 

· Position specifics 

· Accuracy of shot 


· Consistency of performance 

· Temperament, aggressiveness, competitiveness, intensity 

· Ability to concentrate 

· Coachability-understanding and application of coaching direction 

· Commitment and reliability 

· Ability to accept responsibility of actions 

· Does the player listen? 

· Do they re-act? 

· Social skills

Selecting a Netball Team as with other team games, a particular position requires specific qualities; 

Goal Shooter; 

· Should have a good goal average [ approximately 80%] 

· Good rebounding and awareness of position in the goal circle 

· Should be aware of the goal attacks position 

· Good ball handling skills 

· Be a persistent defender 

Goal Attack; 

· Awareness of space when entering the circle 

· Aware of the goal shooters positioning 

· Good rebounding, accuracy, defending and speed 

· Good peripheral vision 

· Link tactically with wing or centre players

Wing Attack; 

· Good control of body movements 

· Good ball handling skill 

· Accurate passing into the circle 

· Good peripheral vision 

· Quickly switches from attack to defence 

· Creative use of space around the circle 


· Great stamina 

· Quick in attack and defence 

· Good control of body movements 

· Good ball handling skills 

· Good speed when backing up in attack and defence 

· Awareness of space is essential

Wing Defence; 

· Requires tremendous determination with the ability to intercept the ball 

· To switch from attack to defence 

· Tactical awareness to force the Wing Attack into mistakes when passing 

· Good body skills to avoid contacts and or obstructions

Goal Defence; 

· Skills to upset the shooting action of the opposition 

· Ability to read the game to close down the attackers space 

· To operate under stress 

· Confidence to attack the ball when appropriate 

· Good ball handling skills 

Goal Keeper; 

· Skills to upset the shooting action of the opposition 

· Ability to read the game to close down the attacker’s space 

· To operate under stress 

· Communicate effectively with the Goal Defence and Wing Defence 

· Good ball handling skills 

· Be confident in conducting back line throw-ins