Grading 2023

12s/13s/15s grading will be conducted inside the Kingsway Indoor Sports Stadium

15 & Under:      Sun 12th and 19th Feb 2023
9AM to 11:45AM (9AM to check in)
Warm up 9:15AM

12& Under and 13 & Under: Sun 12th and 19th Feb 2023
12:30PM-3PM (12:30PM to check in)
Warm up 12:45PM

18s and Open grading will be conducted outside at the WDNA courts

18 & Under:      Tues 14th and 21st Feb 2023
5:30PM to 7:30PM (arrive 5:30PM to check in)
Warm up 5:45PM

OPENS:   Tues 14th and 21st Feb 2023
7PM to 9PM (arrive 7PM to check in)
Warm up 7:15PM

What to Wear/Bring to Grading
Players are to wear a white shirt, black netball skirt or sports shorts, and appropriate netball shoes to all sessions. NO school, club, State, Regional, Association, Representative or other identifying clothing is to be worn.
Please ensure that any strapping is completed prior to grading commencing. We do not supply tape or persons to strap.

# Whistle (as may be required to umpire)
# At least two water bottles (as the weather during trials is usually extremely hot)
# Small healthy snack or a piece of fruit
# Weather appropriate clothing such as hat, sunscreen, jacket etc

Leg Numbers
All registered players will be issued with a leg number which will be listed on our website; players must use a BLACK marker pen. Leg numbers must be written down the outside of each calf and must be at least 10cm high.

Grading Attendance
Players are to attend all grading sessions. Grading is compulsory to ensure our graders make the correct selections when forming teams.  If a player is unable to attend a grading session for any reason, they must advise the Coach Co-Ordinator immediately.

If you are injured and unable to participate in grading, you are to advise the Coach Co-Ordinator immediately. You must also attend grading.

Injuries during grading:
SSNC will endeavour to have a first aid officer for each grading session to assist should any injuries occur. We will have a basic first aid kit as well as ice. If an injury is sustained during grading, a doctor/physio clearance will be required prior to participating in any remaining grading sessions.

Court Time at Trials/Grading
Players need to be aware some positions have significantly more players vying for positions than others. For example, a centre court player may receive less court time at trials than a circle defender or goal shooter. All players will still have ample opportunity to be seen by selectors. Occasionally you will be required to play out of position; however, the selectors will note this on their grading paperwork.

Number of Players per team
Teams usually consist of up to ten players.
When teams consist of Western Australian Netball League and/or State Representatives, it may be necessary for teams to have more than 10 players.


Spectators/Parents can observe from the upper platform inside the Kingsway Stadium.
No spectators/parents to be on the courts, in the corridor or behind the courts.

Spectators/Parents can observe grading from the grass embankment area looking on to the courts. No spectators/parents to be on the courts.

Players Withdrawing
If a player withdraws during the grading process or once teams have been announced, a $150.00 administration fee will be retained by the club. Any remaining fees paid will be refunded.