Netball return to training Planning

Most of you would have seen announcements from NWA and WDNA over the past day regarding netball teams being able to return to training.

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are excited by this development, however, there is a lot of information and guidelines and planning required to facilitate our teams getting on court for training and to assure everyone that the Saints Committee is currently in the process of preparing our action plan.
As yet there is no indication on if and when the competition season may start or what format it will take, however WDNA are also working hard behind the scenes to make this happen and will keep us informed.
The plan at this stage is that Saints teams will be able to commence training at WDNA from Tuesday 26 May BUT there are still many unknowns about this – such as whether City of Wanneroo will approve access to the courts.
WDNA are holding a meeting for clubs early in the week after which time we, as a committee, will know more about how we can proceed.  The club committee will also meet during the week to complete the plan and will be able to share it with all coaches and members by the end of the week.
Obviously we are aware that individuals may have experienced considerable upheavals since we all last met and we appreciate that personal circumstances may have changed.  We are also aware there are players who have not heard from their coaches since the last grading/boot camp.  We ask that you please give us time to communicate with our coaches and give them time to understand what’s required of them under the current restrictions and conditions and then they can get in touch to confirm exactly when you’ll start training.
In the meantime please ensure you are preparing yourself as players for training to commence by keeping up your fitness, getting busy with a netball and dusting off your netball shoes!  As always there are plenty of online programs and videos to encourage and inspire you.
If anyone has any concerns about the upcoming season please email the Vice-President, Charmaine McMahon, vicepresident@sorrentosaints.com for assistance.
Further information will be sent to you late next week.
Thank you all for your patience and we look forward to seeing everyone on court very soon!

Netball WA – Return back to Netball